CTC values relationships above all else.

We work tirelessly to provide our clients and partners with the cutting-edge tools, events, services and the knowledge they need to succeed in the rapidly-changing AEC industry. Needless to say, we appreciate it when our efforts are recognized.

Here is a collection of testimonials from our clients and partners on our events, support, services, and software.

Jeremy Luebker

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“What a great webinar! Thank you for taking the time to share the workflow. The templates for Spreadsheet Links was really amazing.”

Aaron Maller

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“I wanted to send a big thank you to the CTC Team for working with us to get us an early version of the Revit Express Tools, for 2017. As I’m sure you know I’m a big user of the Revit Express Tools, and we are a very small office that is serving a LOT of clients right now.”

Rolly Stevens

“Just wanted to drop you all a line and congratulate you on the new Revit Express Tools. Everything is working beautifully.”

Ken J. Fisher

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“Your company and staff have been a wonderful find and fit for us.”

Eric Chappell

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“The only feedback I have is keep up the good work! You guys put on a great event all around and it shows in the comments of the attendees, the quality of the sessions and other events, even the wonderful venue!”

Steven A. Seibert

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“CTC Software (CTC) continues to be an incredible asset to our production team here at AE2S. I consider their Technical Support the best I have ever experienced in my 16 year career in the AEC industry. Their real-world knowledge of the design software that they sell and service has been a real life saver on a few projects recently. Because of everything that they offer to us, I consider them an extension of our in-house staff. They flat out deliver and I give them my highest recommendation – period!”

Tom Dorner

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” You guys rock! On these large projects with multiple outside consultants it isn’t always easy to upgrade them to the current version of Revit.”

Patrick Doss-Smith

“I would like to extend my thanks to you and everyone who made last week’s event so successful. After such a good experience I certainly hope to attend next year.”

Chris Gilmer

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“The JHP users leave the training happy, grateful, and inspired. This training provided both a feeling of validation pertaining to what was put in place on day one in addition to a feeling of ‘I wish I knew then what I know now.’ There is a substantial amount of knowledge acquired that will be applied to the next project. ”

Jim Crane

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“I didn’t know what I didn’t know until CTC showed me. The webinar seemed complete enough that I did not have any remaining questions. In general, the CTC webinars are the best I’ve encountered anywhere. Thank you for putting this together.”

Sam Tijan

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“I just wanted to thank you again for your time and efforts in providing us with some outstanding training. We’re already testing out our knowledge and applying our skills to some current projects. What you provided us in two days far exceeded what I’ve gleaned from the last month of online tutorials. You provided us with great context in which to place our project needs, and great workflow to help us achieve our goals more efficiently and successfully. You and the staff at CTC have come through for us again! “

Mark Voigt

“I enjoyed MU more than AU, you have a better chance to interact with people.”

Ed Sanidad

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“With input from CTC, we developed a comprehensive Civil/Map 3D training event. Cody, in sales was exceptional. Scott, our trainer, was experienced and capable, and gave us ample time to practice on real world data specific to our work flow. This highly tuned, interactive type of training is not typically found at other training centers. Their service and customized training has made CTC our Cad partners rather than our Cad trainers.”

Donald Brown

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“Your webinars are concise and to the point. They address issues that us users in the field come across and have to find ‘work arounds’ all too often.

The next seminar/event/training will certainly be with CTC if I get to choose. I’d heard of you way before I found you on the web and enrolled in your on-line classes. Everything I’ve heard seems to be true – You are the source if you’re serious about becoming a design professional. My specialty has been in MEP but I find the more I know of all the disciplines the better tech I am becoming.”

Timothy Livingston

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“Since we are a small manufacturing company of an architectural product, having Revit work for us out-of-the-box was a trying endeavor to say the least. So after trying out Ideate, Case, and just about all the rest, we found CTC. CTC was able to deliver us from just hearing what Revit could do, to exploiting Revit in ways limited only by our imagination.

By working with CTC, we were able to get our ROI back years ahead of schedule. Furthermore, being able to show off Revit and our new capabilities helped get the skeptics on board without the inevitable “show-down” between Revit users and AutoCAD users. CTC helped us with our Checking procedures as well as our Manufacturing procedures. This was truly a hidden asset.

CTC’s development team is not just there to provide the requested software, but could see possible pitfalls and help us avoid them beforehand. They added flexibility that we couldn’t see at the time of request and develop software that is user friendly and nimble enough for future procedures.”

Scott Beckman

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“While UrbanWorks is committed to ongoing Revit Family training, we have a small office, so sending staff off-site for education and training really taxes our internal resources. When CTC Software (CTC) offered to provide on-site Revit Family training, we signed up eight of our advanced users. CTC set up two Mobile Training Systems with eight laptops in our conference room. Our staff really appreciated training in our own work
environment. They felt the atmosphere was much more conducive to Revit training than a typical training center experience. From an operations perspective, on-site training eliminated overhead and travel expenses, and minimized down time. All in all, CTC’s Mobile Training System was extremely beneficial.

CTC’s Mobile Training System is our go-to resource for Revit educational opportunities. We applaud CTC for continuing to develop advanced technology solutions that keep up with the unique demands of A&E firms.”

Rick Schaffer

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“We first purchased our Autodesk software suite from CTC about 20 years ago, and we are still purchasing from CTC. We’ve grown from a very small business with a single computer to a nationwide consulting entity with six seats of software. As we’ve grown CTC has provided the support we’ve needed to keep up with technology changes and growing need. We’ve never been disappointed. The staff at CTC has always been responsive, courteous and extremely helpful. Their knowledge of the software and ability to support us when we need assistance has always been exceptional.”